Vibrations must be controlled in order to meet the increasing demand for high accuracy, high production speed, complex dynamics and the reduction of weight and consumption. The know-how and experience of 25years make ERAS an effective partner of competence and implementation.


With a high level of accuracy in mind, we implement customer-specific solutions for automation. In this regard, mastering complex kinematics is a major success factor. In addition, we develop tailor-made software for low-vibration solutions for global use.


Lightweight construction and highly stressed structures require modelling, simulation and finite element calculations in order to get the dynamics under control. We therefore offer the best conditions for the overall concept and construction. The right solution for every requirement: We offer systems and services related to dynamic behaviour.


Complex trajectories for five-axis robots or extremely lightweight robots with requirements for load and accuracy behaviour show the range of services offered by ERAS. This includes the design, conception and construction of robots using the latest technologies as well as entire the programming and further development.


Our offer includes construction concepts and calculations as well as adaptations, re-designs or new designs all the way to production drawings. Additionally, we deliver finished components or the assembly of the complete system.


From voice coils and linear motors to piezo converters, we offer a wide range of shakers / actors for various applications. In addition to the standard versions, we also offer tailor-made solutions.

Control Technology

Whether real-time active vibration control or challenging automation: we offer tailor-made software for the appropriate hardware.


In addition to our know-how to localize the source of mechanical or acoustic vibrations, we develop active silencers. An intelligent anti-noise technology monitors the acoustic situation in an object in real time and automatically ensures the necessary quietness with anti-noise. The system automatically adapts to changing operating conditions remaining optimally effective at all times.

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