Vibrations occur in many markets. ERAS has a wide range of cutting-edge technology enablers for faster, larger and more precise systems.

Machine Construction

From small to large – we provide various tried-and-tested solutions for the effective compensation of vibrations to improve precision and dynamics. Whether active bending compensation for long arms and quills including measurement and calculation – we work closely with our customers to create the perfect solution for every application.

Vehicle Construction

Within vehicles, a variety of acoustic and mechanical vibrations are found. From active silencers in exhaust systems to reducing chassis shaking in convertibles, we can support you in the development.


Aircraft electronics and components are exposed to extreme loads. In addition to the development of weighing systems and model holders in wind tunnels, we suppress vibrations in small and large structures in the various areas of aerospace. The development of test stands is of great importance. ERAS can provide support through experience and specialist knowledge.

Rail Transport

The chassis of a high-speed train with steel wheels has the demanding challenge of keeping shocks and vibrations away from the interior. Our active system generates counter-vibrations parallel to the steel suspension of the bogie to significantly reduce the sound transmission from the wheels into the carriage.

Ship Construction

An undesirable side effect in the operation of drive motors, power generators or gearboxes is the transformation of the resulting forces into the surrounding structure. Our active systems lead to a significant reduction in structure-borne noise in the ship structure and therefore to a significant improvement in comfort for passengers and crew.

Wind Tunnels

Under the extreme test conditions in wind tunnels, vibrations appear on the test object, in the periphery, in the measurement applications or in the stands – with dramatic effects on the measurement accuracy and the operational safety of the entire system. Our active systems can monitor the operation, also in real time and in some cases extreme environmental conditions, and automatically prevent problematic vibrations from occurring.

Test Stands

Meaningful data can only be generated by realistic test benches. We develop test stands with special dynamic properties. Most of all, our deep knowledge in signal processing and real-time control technology grants us major advantages. The special choice and development of the exciters (e.g. hydraulics, piezo elements, and shakers) are part of our competence spectrum.

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