-163 °C to 40 °C

Wind speeds

0,15–1,35 Mach


1,15–4,5 bar

Improved Wind Tunnel Dynamics

ERAS combines experience and skill from subsonic, transonic and supersonic wind tunnels. The track record of projects around the world shows that ERAS deploys cutting-edge technology successfully.

Projects / Services

Traversing Systems

Thanks to the vibration-relevant design of the traversing systems, we avoid vibrations in advance. To achieve eigenfrequencies as low as possible, we use among other materials carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP). This lightweight construction enables the highest static and dynamic rigidity, while aeroacoustic disturbances remain as small as possible. This allows the highest levels of accuracy to be achieved in measurements. In addition, we develop systems for model changing and other movement systems in wind tunnels.

Active Systems for Model Stings

Thanks to our active systems, speeds of up to Mach 1.2 are now possible in transonic wind tunnels (e.g. in the European Transonic Wind Tunnel, ETW). In order to control the very large forces due to drives withup to 65 megawatt we use piezo elements and linear motors. The vibrations that occur are cancelled out in real time.

Motion Control System

We have experience with robotics and the automation of complex model movements. After the pre-calculations, we also offer the programming of the systems. In one project, we designed a motion control system that allows a model to be rotated around a virtual instead of a physical center of rotation.


A model is exposed to great forces in wind tunnels. Using pre-calculations and simulations, we construct model mounts with the highest precision, so that struts are placed exactly right and deflections or vibrations of the model are minimized. We also offer active vibration reduction in the mounts by developing integrated actuators.

Probe Manipulators

Probes are used to take pressure measurements in the wind tunnel. To do this, they must be moved in the test section with great rigidity and precision. With our systems, accuracies of up to 0.1mm are reachable

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